Don't settle for a One-Size Fits All Solution

Want the best rates? Dabbah Corp has the experience necessary to negotiate with the top tier processors. We come up with a solution that is best for your individual business, no more blanket solutions.

Your Benefits

More Revenue

Get your business paid faster & with less processing fees. A Win-Win Solution!

Trusted Partners

We work with the big guys & make sure your getting a solution you can count on!

No surprise fees

We like transparency & strive to get you the best rates with no surprises.

Happy Customers

We may it easy for people to pay you! Be it online, in store, or at events, we help you give your customers the best experience possible.

Products for Payment Processing

Desktop Terminals

Mobile Payments


Bluetooth Terminals

Online Payments

Resturants & Nightclubs

Wireless Terminals

E-commerce Checkout



Access to Global Partners

We have access to any and every provider world wide, all we have to do is call and negotiate on your behalf.

Some of our partners:

Get in Touch With Us to Get a Quote

We offer quotes with no pressure to buy. We want to show you your options because we know the numbers can speak volumes! Start saving today! 

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